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I will love with urgency, but not with haste
Not with haste- Mumford and sons

i’m so full that pictures of food dont even look good

i wish i could be awesome and have hair like that

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Odd Future at my studio #33.


please let me live here

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(until the quiet comes leaked)

i got in trouble for putting the link on tumblr, woops



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539 plays Broken Crown Mumford & Sons Babel

Broken Crown- Mumford and sons

just about the same song as thistle and weeds but I DONT GIVE A FUCK its good, and i dont care if maybe theyre not the most talented musicians they sure as hell know how to make beautiful music

first drug test tomorrow!!!

cross your fingers that they’ll be like “oh you’re such a good girl for passing that you’re off the hook, no mas drug tests for the little white private school girl!!!”


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